My name is Adam Sigal. I started, designed, and run Station Knives in South East Portland, OR on 8th Ave and Main St. I moved into the snack shop of the gas station there and anyone is welcome to come and visit. I recently moved to Portland from Brooklyn, NY where I learned knife making.

I have always loved metal. From a sculptural standpoint it is beautiful colored or uncolored. It will take any shape, bend if you want it to, and be completely immovable if you don’t.

What I love about my knives is that they are a combination of function and art. I work very hard to make a knife that feels superior, cuts magnificently, and makes you look cool while you do it.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture in 2009 from Cornell University. Since then I have worked as an artist assistant, artist, web designer, knifemaker’s assistant, and now knifemaker.

But why kitchen knives?

I have worked in food as a waiter, market researcher, and farmer. I even spent an evening as a prep cook for a baby food company. Food is amazing. I love cooking and eating. I cook for myself almost every night and have done so for years.

Cooks bring the family together and make art. Meals are an important part of every culture and every family. I want to use my skills in metal working to help cooks and chefs. I want more people to enjoy cooking and eating as much as I do.