Care Info

Hey All,

Here is a list of instructions on how best to take care of your new knife so that it remains sharp and pretty in the years to come.

1. Never, ever, ever, wash this knife in the washing machine. It will kill the knife. Not only will it damage the blade but it will completely ruin the integrity of the handle.

2. This knife is meant for proteins and vegetables. Bone and frozen foods will damage the knife.

3. Please wash by hand. Towel dry thoroughly. Although it is stainless steel it will still rust if left wet.

4. The knife is very sharp. It will slice right through the sponge you are using to clean it. Please always scrub down and away from the blade.

5. Oil once a month or more and just leave on the knife. Mineral oil works perfectly.

6. To keep your knife at its best I recommend using a hone. One or two light passes before or after using will extend the razor sharpness for months. After 6 months to a year, or if you feel like the knife just isn’t as sharp as you want, I recommend getting it professionally sharpened. Make sure they don’t just run it through a sharpening machine. Those are just plain bad.

Once again thank you and I hope you enjoy cooking with your new knife.

Adam Sigal